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We do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy

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The golden age of configuration languages

DevOps Pulumi Configuration Management AWS CDK
I think DevOps, as we understand it today, is coming to an end. At least the Ops part of it. As cloud infrastructure becomes a key application concern, more and more ops tasks are done by the cloud itself or built into the application. What’s left is the provisioning and management of the infrastructure needed by the application. This comes with all the baggage associated, like security and networking, for example. Read more...

First Post

I’ve been thinking for some time to start writing about tech things which I hope others will find my content interesting. For now, this was just an occasion to brush up on my CSS skills, since I haven’t followed this space for a long time ( I’m mostly a backend guy, although these days I don’t code as much as I would want to). This site was built on Hugo and by design has no javascript. Read more...
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